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6 Most comfortable nursing shoes for women - Work shoes for medical professionals

Nursing is one of those careers that keep you on your feet the whole day. The most comfortable nursing shoes are required to ensure your long shifts and workweeks are stress-free. Shoe manufacturing companies have specific shoes designed to fit nurses' needs. But, most shoes in the market today are not stylish, supportive, or high-quality enough to meet the needs of every nurse.

For this reason, we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you with a review of the best nursing shoes to suit your fashion and professional needs. We all know for an all-day and demanding job, comfort and confidence are crucial.

Below are our picks and review of the most comfortable nursing shoes that nurses themselves recommend. We also provide you with a guide on aspects you should consider when shopping for the best nurse shoes.

The best nursing shoes for women.

  • Made of 100% Leather
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Certified Slip-resistant
  • Adjustable buckle for a custom fit
  • Synthetic Sole
  • Slip-resistant
  • Soft cushioning with BioMoGo DNA midsoles
  • Maximum support with an Extended Progressive Diagonal Roll-bar (PDRB) support system
  • Synthetic Soles
  • Polyurethane
  • Easy to clean
  • Slip-on wearing
  • Made of 100% Faux leather and mesh fabric
  • Rubber soles
  • Memory foam insoles
  • Flex groove outsoles
  • Slip-on sneakers
  • Ventilated with a mesh construction
  • Made of 100% Leather
  • Polyurethane sole
  • Padded instep collar
  • Wide heel strike for stability
  • PU inner frame for torque reduction and stability
  • Made of 100% Croslite
  • Suitable as an overall work shoe

1. Birkenstock unisex-adult Boston Super Grip

Birkenstock unisex-adult Boston Super Grip - nursing shoes for women

The German shoemaker, Birkenstock, is well known for its high-quality shoes, work shoes to be specific. These shoes are far more reliable as compared to other clogs. These shoes are certified slip-resistant footwear and are easier to maintain. The shoes are very stylish and suitable for those medical professionals who care for fashion.

The shoes' open-heel design enhances ventilation. They are of 100% leather that gives them that high-quality luxuries look and feel. Their leather body also makes them look much more expensive as compared to other leatherworking footwear.

Just like other clogs, the Boston's leather body will soften up over time and make them much cozier. However, you should not be worried about their chafing or discomfort as they soften. They have a buckle strap for more room for a custom fit.

The leather upper is breathable easy to clean and maintain as it polishes up evenly. The shoes come in black and white color options to suit your sense of style or work uniform and dress code. Like other Birkenstock clogs and footwear, they have cork footbeds.

The cork footbed is suitable for standing and walking all day. It ensures that you have a good posture and might help prevent you from back and foot pains. The footbed has the capability of adapting to your foot as you break into them.

The shoes have arch support and have heel cups and metatarsal ridges to ensure a natural foot alignment. The footbed is swappable and can be customized to fit your footwear requirements.

The shoes are non-slip with treads that enhance traction on slippery surfaces. The fact that they are German-made makes them guarantees the quality aspect. They are durable and very high-quality. A notion that previous owners of the Birkenstock brand of footwear vogue for and is why they keep coming back for the shoes.


  • High-quality with a leather upper
  • Loosen up and gets cozier over time
  • Cork footbed for adequate comfort
  • Suitable for an all-day footwear
  • Non-slip


  • Limited color options
  • Long break-in period
  • Not a dress code for most workplaces

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2. Brooks Addiction Walker Suede

Brooks Addiction Walker Suede - best shoes for nurses

Brooks Addiction Walker Suedes are One of the most comfortable work shoes in the market. The Brooks Addiction Walker Suede is recommended by doctors and physicians as the best work shoes for individuals with foot-related pains and discomforts. Several users with knee, ankles, hips, and general foot problems testifies that the Addiction pair of shoes enhanced their recovery process.

The Brooks is our number one recommendation for the most stable work shoes. The shoes have removable insoles with compatibility with orthotic soles. They are recommended by podiatrists for their high level of support and cushioning. The shoes have insoles made of multiple layers of rubber and foam for maximum cushioning and comfort. Previous customers vogue that they are the most comfortable shoes they have ever worn.

Their outer soles are non-slip, and they are easy to clean and maintain. The black options are the least susceptible to scuffing. They are cheaper as compared to other nursing shoes like the Dansko and Birkenstock. They are suitable for those individuals who have a liking for simplicity, comfort, and budget shoes.

However, these shoes aren't that stylish, and most customers claim the soles are bulky and do not fit their sense of fashion. They are not great for workplaces with formal dressing codes. They are not great for use with heavy socks or orthotic insoles. You should get the half-sized ones.


  • Cushioned for support and comfort
  • Low in maintenance
  • Cheaper compared to other nurse shoes.


  • Not stylish enough
  • No accommodation for heavy socks and orthotic insoles

3. Birki's Super Birki Unisex Clog

Birki's Super Birki Unisex Clog - comfortable shoes for nurses

These shoes are the best unisex nursing shoes that serve both male and female nursing practitioners. Their anatomic design enhances natural walking and standing. Reviewers of the shoes vouge that they accelerated their back pain recovery process and improved their body posture. They are wide to ensure that you can stand for long periods and enhance the natural swelling of your feet.

The shoes have natural metatarsal and arch support hence improving your posture and general body alignment. They adapt to your foot size to ensure maximum comfort and offer personal fit. Such features make them the best shoes for long shifts and workplaces that require you to stand and walk for long periods.

Their footbeds are swappable to suit your footwear requirements. Hence they are our number one recommendation as an ergonomic nurse shoe. From our research, we have found that most buyers complain of purchasing low quality and discomfort Birkenstocks. We, therefore, that you buy these clogs from reputable Birkenstock footwear dealers.

You would also need to ensure you know the correct shoe size you are purchasing because the Birkenstocks are made in Europe and have different size ranges. You will save yourself a lot of extra costs incurred in returning the non-fitting shoes. Measure your foot size upfront before starting your online shopping and ensure you carefully read and understand the size charts.

You also need to understand that the main focus of most European shoe manufacturers like Birkenstocks is the structure over cushioning, which is different from the manufacturing focus of The US shoe companies. Therefore, if you love the US cushioned shoes then the Birkenstocks is not a perfect fit for you.

These Birkenstocks are not breathable compared to other leather clogs and most user reviews indicate sweaty toes over long periods of wearing them. However, they are of great quality and highly supportive of your feet and posture, The cork footbed hugs your feet for a custom fit.


  • Wider than usual
  • Proper posture and gait
  • Significant foot and body alignment
  • Hugs your feet perfectly
  • Gets comfortable over time


  • Less cushioning
  • Less stylish
  • Poor ventilation

4. Skechers Sport Women's Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker

Skechers Sport Women's Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker - shoes for nurses

They are the most budget-friendly nurse shoes in the market. They are focused on simplicity and low cost. The shoes are highly maintainable and washable making them suitable for individuals working in messy environments. They have a mesh upper body that makes them flexible and aerated.

They are made of 100% Faux leather and mesh fabrics that make them lighter than other nursing shoes like clogs, They have adaptive and supportive Memory foam insoles making them fit perfectly to the shape of your feet.

They have grooved rubber outsoles to increase flexibility and traction. Most reviewers indicate that this should provide the perfect relief for their foot pains such as acute plantar fasciitis. The shoes helped them cope with the long shifts at the ward. The shoes also have the perfect break-in and have a short break-in period.

A point of concern for most users is their non-slip capabilities. They lack proper traction compare to other work shoes like Timberlands. Most customers claim they did not provide them the best support and structure for their feet. They are suitable for those with no foot or back pains and require the least neutral support.


  • Lightweight
  • Supportive and adaptive memory foam
  • Flexible
  • Rubber soles with flexible grooves
  • High relief for cases of acute plantar fasciitis


  • Less supportive for tour feet
  • Casual for formal workplaces
  • The least slip-resistance

Youtube Review of The Skechers Sport Women's Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker

5. Dansko Women's Professional

Dansko Women's Professional - the best shoes for nurses

Dansko brand of shoes is well known for quality work shoes specifically designed for walking and standing all day. Dansko shoes are equipped with cork insoles and a leather upper body to improve on style and design. Their designs are meant for both informal and formal workplaces. The shoes will offer you both style and comfort, and, who does not want that.

Their soles have gained high praises amongst shoe lovers who vogue for the shoes' ability to help with any signs of joints and foot pains. Their leather body offers you a wide range of styling options. They have a clog style design for arch support, improve your posture and lessen foot stress and cramp.

Their collars have cushioning to enhance comfort by preventing friction. They have rocker bottom decide to limit cases of pressure and fatigue on your joints. They are pricy but provide true value with their ergonomic design compared to other clogs.

They have cork insoles to encourage proper posture and stability on the parts of your body that are prone to stress like your knees, hips, arches, and back. The shoes are easy to clean and maintain. Danskos are loved by the nursing community for their quality and ability to keep nurses comfortable while working long hours without causing body aches and pains.

The shoes have been tried and tested as the ultimate nursing shoes. Being a European shoe brand, they tend to be smaller due to the sizing differences. Previous buyers have claimed the shoes are not that comfortable as they focus on support over cushioning. However, this is a matter of preference, You just have to try them out and decide for yourself.


  • High-quality leather body
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Medically tried and tested as the most suitable nurse shoes for women


  • Size differences may render them smaller

6. Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clog

Crocs Women's Mercy Work Clog - the best clogs for nurses

Crocs are the most viable and reliable working shoes especially informal working environments. They are one of the most popular work shoes in the medical field. However, not all Crocs brands of clogs are good nursing shoes. The Mercy Work Clogs get an upper hand in such a case. They were designed with nurses in mind.

The clogs give room for your feet to swell and breathe naturally. Their collars are uniquely engineered to prevent any slip-offs. They are easy to sanitize and clean. Their outsoles are treaded to enforce slip resistance for safety on slippery surfaces. They have nubs on their footbed to ensure comfort by massaging your feet all day.

They offer better arch support and stability as compared to other Crocs brands. However, it is good to know they come with their downsides. They are not well ventilated. They are made of 100% Croslite which prevents airflow but makes them waterproof, meaning that your feet will end up a sweat or even build up an odor.

Also, Crocs are a preference-based pair of shoes. Their general look and feel are not a cup of tea for everyone. For those who are looking for a sense of fashion in their shoes, the Danskos are a good option. Crocs are not as supportive as the Danskos and Birkenstocks. For the best experiences by from authorized resellers or Amazon to get more genuine Crocs.


  • Room for your feet
  • Easy to clean and sanitizes
  • Treaded for slip-resistance
  • Nubs that massages your feet
  • An actual nurse shoe


  • Lacks adequate ventilation
  • Not very supportive as compared to the Birkenstocks and Danskos

Choosing the best nursing shoes.

Choosing the best nursing shoes

What to go for when purchasing your next nurse shoes.


The best nursing shoes or rather the best work shoes should be comfortable enough as you will be standing and walking in them all day. The shoes should be well-cushion and aerated for a better experience and reduce chances of pain. Most nursing shoes tend to have rocker bottoms and are round in design to give you that natural movement.

Some of these shoes have Memory foam for cushioning and arch support. You need to find yourself shoes that take into consideration of cushioning, structure and support. You will need to get yourself shoes that are structurally designed for all-day work. They should be well-ventilated with moisture-wicking linings to prevent sweaty feet and odor.

For this aspect, shoes with well-engineered mesh upper bodies are the best options. However, it is good to know that clogs and shoes with open heels are also good for preventing sweaty feet and odor. These shows are also waterproof and great for medical laboratories.


Medical working environments are more hands-on and you will get into contact with a lot of fluid and other stains. The shoes you pick will require constant cleaning. The shoes should be easily sanitized. Most shoes made of Synthetic are easy to clean and maintain, only a simple wipe off will do.

Shoes made of leather are also easy to clean and maintain, although, this will depend on how they are designed or finished. Leather shoes will require constant oiling and conditioning. You need to choose work shoes that are viable for your workplace. If your work environment gets dirty or messy with time, you should not go for fabric or tooled leather shoes.

Shoes made of fabric tend to get more stained and pick up dirt, something they have in common with fancy leather shoes. Such shoes are not viable for medical working environments. However, it is good to know that fabric shoes are machine wash but are not waterproof unless they are customized after purchase.

Most medical working environments tend to be clean with soap and detergents that make their surfaces slippery. You will need to get yourself non-slip shoes to prevent any accidents. Shoes that maximize traction, go for shoes with rubber soles over those with synthetic soles.

Your sense of fashion

The nursing shoes you pick should not just be viable for your working environment but also fit your sense of fashion. The shoes should be the perfect match for your nursing uniform or scrubs.

The shoes we reviewed today are a combination of professional appearance and scrub shoes. One of the most stylish options here is the Dansko Women's Professional shoe, a pair of shoes that fits any workplace's dressing code with a splash of style.


One thing to have in mind is that nursing shoes are just like any other work shoes. They are not multipurpose shoes that can be worn on casual occasions. They are going to be an investment other than an expense. They should not be the pair that you just get to replace after any stain or hazard at work.

They will also be your primary shoes since you spend more time at work. However, the price of the shoes will depend on your styling and lifestyle choices. You have to understand your workplace and get shoes that suit that environment no matter how expensive.


This review provides you with several options for nursing shoes. We also go-ahead to provide you with insights on how to choose the most comfortable nursing shoes for men and women. We consider the Dansko Women's Professional as the best nursing shoes for women. They provide you with comfort, support, and style.

For more on what is best for your shoes, check out our guides on the best walking shoes, the best running shoes, and the best work shoes for standing all day.

Shoes are meant for comfort and style. Get what is best for your feet and style.

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