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Best Walking Shoes for foot pain. A selection for both men and women.

The website Brainboost.com indicates that an average person spends about 10years of their life standing in line. Of these individuals, about 60% are more likely to suffer from foot pain. Foot pains are very uncomfortable and may prevent you from undertaking most of your daily activities. Foot pain might even prevent you from participating in your daily fitness activities such as Zumba, CrossFit, and SoulCycle.

Foot pains will prevent you from wearing your favorite pair of shoes. On top of that, they will cause you headaches when shopping for a new pair of shoes. With such shoes in your possession, you can forget about the discomforts of wearing shoes and continue with your daily routines.

Today, we are going to be reviewing the best shoes for foot pain. We will also give you a clear guideline on choosing the right pair of shoes to fit your needs.

Our Top Selection

We highly recommend the Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Shoe shoe is a highly reliable shoe that will take the edge off your foot pain. This shoe is comfortable, durable, and lightweight on your feet - providing the best support and cushioning for your feet.


Below is a list of some of the best shoes for foot pain

Top Selection
  • Made of: Fabric & Synthetic (100%)
  • For: Women
  • Sole: Synthetic Sole
  • Size Range: 5 - 11
  • Made of: Leather (100%)
  • For: Male
  • Sole: Synthetic Sole
  • Size Range: 7 - 15
  • Made of: Synthetic (100%)
  • For: Women
  • Sole: Rubber Sole
  • Size Range: 5 - 11
  • Made of: Synthetic & Mesh (100%)
  • For: Male
  • Sole: Rubber Sole
  • Size Range: 7 - 20
  • Made of: Suede, Mesh, Microfiber & Rubber (100%)
  • For: Male
  • Sole: Rubber Sole
  • Size Range: 7 - 16

1. Best women's shoes for foot pain - Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Shoes

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Shoes - Best women's shoes for foot pain

The design inspiration for this shoe is comfort and support for your feet. With its slip-on design, it is fast and easy to wear and remove. It is one of the lightest shoes out there, making it perfect for long comfortable walks providing relief for both heel and foot pain. Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk is made of 100% Synthetic Fabrics that make it flexible and pleasant on your foot.

These shoes have insoles made from the patented Resalyte Skechers Materials to provide cushioning and protection for your feet. It is also good to note that these insoles have no effects on the shoe's flexibility and boost the overall durability of the shoes. The shoe has a synthetic sole for better balancing and grip. Its sole also has high durability and can survive any weather. The shoe comes in multiple colors to fit your fashion needs.


  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Equipped with a lightweight cushioning
  • Has a flexible sole
  • Have OrthoLite insoles to do away with pungent odors


  • Quality is not guaranteed

2. The best men's shoes for foot pain - Clarks Men's Tilden Cap Oxford

Clarks Men's Tilden Cap Oxford Shoes - Best men's shoes for foot pain

If you are a man looking for class and style then look no further. The Clarks Men's Tilden Cap Oxford is one of the classiest and stylish shoes that would perfectly fulfill this need. Clarks brand is reputable for their production of not quality men's shoes but also quality men's products and accessories. This shoe is meant to solve your foot pain problem using a blend of modern orthotic and traditional designs.

In it is an OrthoLite insole specifically made to provide padding to your foot. The inner sole absorbs moisture from your foot and ensures that it remains dry, healthy, and free from odor. Then comes its classiness, the shoe is made of 100% genuine leather making it one of the most elegant men's shoes in the market. The outer sole is synthetic to provide a better grip on the ground whilst walking. With all these features, the shoe is still under budget and highly durable.


  • Help keep your foot dry and free from odor
  • Have OrthoLite insoles
  • Its synthetic sole makes it very durable


  • Limitation when it comes to color selections


ASICS WOMEN’S GEL-VENTURE - Best shoes for foot pain

A pair of running shoes designed with foot pain relief in mind. Designed to support and protect your feet while walking, running, or participate in other intensive activities. This shoe is also designed for durability to serve you for long periods. The highly abrasive outer rubber sole makes this shoe tough and able to hold out against any surface. Its insole a properly formulated to provide your feet with enough cushioning to do away with any form of foot pain.

The shoe also comes with a padded sock liner that you can easily remove when need be. The shoes' outer soles are designed with reverse lugs to enhance uphill and downhill traction across multiple terrains.


  • Highly abrasive outer rubber sole
  • Better comfort and support through their gel cushioning
  • Wide color options


  • Not advisable for high arches.

4. NEW BALANCE MEN’S 990 V5 Sneakers

NEW BALANCE MEN’S 990 V5 SNEAKERS - Best shoes for foot pain

New balance men's 990 V5 shoe is all-purpose footwear designed for those suffering foot pain. These shoes provide you with stability and give your that sense of fashion and style since you have a wide range of colors to pick from. Its top is made of pigskin leather which makes it more durable as compared to other shoes for foot pain.

NEW BALANCE MEN’S 990 V5 Sneaker provides your foot aeration, proper temperatures, and adequate foot moisture management with its mesh design around the tongue and toe. Such features make the shoe more comfortable and pleasant to walk in.

Great news for you, especially if you have flat feet, is that they provide great arch support and alignment for your body to ensure your general health. Their outer rubber soles provide them with grip and stability. The outer sole also enhances comfort and flexibility.


  • Great comfort and flexibility
  • Proper aeration through its mesh design


  • A bit expensive

5. Best shoes for sore feet - The OLUKAI NOHEA MESH SHOE

OLUKAI NOHEA MESH SHOES - Best shoes for sore feet

Designed to provide a combination of balance and comfort. Its mesh design makes it breathable and comfortable. They have an EverFit footbed that prevents moisture from building up on your feet. The shoes have an adjustable heel to enhance flexibility, fitness, and functionality.

These shoes have a slip-on design for easy wearing and removal. Its outer rubber sole makes it resistant to any weather. It is also meant to be a casual shoe with multiple color options for your next outfit.


  • Very comfortable and durable
  • Adjustable heel
  • Rubber sole for any weather


  • Might lose grip on your foot with time

How to choose the best shoe for foot pain

First, this video will provide you with a brief overview of some of the causes of foot pain.

Here are some of the key controls that you need to know when shopping for effective footwear for foot pain.

Steady support

When picking the best shoes for foot pain, you need to seek shoes that have steady support. The inner sole of such shoes needs to be tough enough to overcome any force placed on them. Cushioning is great but too much cushioning will not help when it comes to relieving foot pain. The shoe should be moderately flexible to provide the best support for your feet. Focus more on comfort and support.

Your lifestyle

Lifestyle is an important factor when choosing any form of fashion wear from shoes to clothing. Individuals with a busy lifestyle have multiple options. They need shoes that they can wear for every occasion in their lives. So, you will need a shoe for foot pain for work, workouts, and any other activity that you might be involved in. The shoes for foot pain you pick should fit your sense of style and fashion needs.

A perfect fit

For a better experience, you need a pair of shoes that fits your foot perfectly. You need to know your foot size and how wide or narrow it is, then use this to get the best shoe for your feet. Also, the shoes you pick should be tight to give your feet room to breathe. They should be loose as well to ensure they hold on to your feet securely,


Shoes should be flexible enough to enable them to bend easily and provide the ultimate resistance. Flexible shoes offer your feet extra protection that enhances foot pain relief. However, as we noted before, too much flexibility can elevate your foot pains.

Arch height

A shoe's arch height should be directly proportional to the contour of your feet to enhance arch support. Being too spacious or lose shows they have low arch heights.

Our thoughts

Foot pains are irritating and uncomfortable with the capability of denying the pleasure of taking part in your day-to-day activities. To combat this feeling, you need to get a pair of shoes that solves your problem. This article has provided you with a great review of some of those shoes that might help you when that time comes.