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Best chef shoes and kitchen shoes for a restaurant or home kitchen wear

Kitchens, especially restaurant kitchens, have oily and slippery floors that may vary hazardous. Falling and slipping are common in such workplaces. To avoid accidents and injuries, you will need non-slip kitchen shoes.

Slip resistance is measured based on the materials the soles are made, and the treading, traction, and grip of the soles. On top of that, kitchen shoes should be enclosed at the top to avoid accidents from liquid spills. The best kitchen footwear should have uppers made of heat and water-resistant materials.

In this review, we give you our nine best picks for the best restaurant shoes with the features to ensure your safety and comfort a work. The features revolve around durability, comfort, support, and non-slip capabilities.

First, let's take a look at our #1 option.

Our Top Selection

The best Crocs kitchen shoes are the Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Graphic Clogs. They are high-quality, have adequate foot support, and aren't slick. On top of that, they are lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day. Because they are unisex, they are also the most popular kitchen shoes.


The best shoes for kitchen workers, according to us.

Top Selection
  • Made of 100% Synthetic
  • Enclosed top
  • Wide range of colors
  • Massage-like experience
  • Easy to clean
  • Treaded for slip resistance
  • Made of 100% Synthetic
  • Slip-resistant Polyurethane sole
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Enclosed top
  • Microfiber footbed offers excellent arch support, superior cushioning, and all-day comfort
  • Made of 100% Synthetic
  • Synthetic sole
  • Slip-on shoe work shoe
  • Mesh fabric upper
  • Memory foam insole for cushioning
  • Slip-resistant traction outsole
  • Made of 100% Leather
  • Non-slip Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole
  • Suede Footbed Lining
  • Anatomically Shaped Cork-Latex Footbed
  • Oiled Leather Upper
  • 100% Mesh fabric upper
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole
  • Breathable textile material
  • Water-resistant
  • Air-cooled memory foam
  • Nursing Shoes
  • Food Service Shoes
  • Slip-resistant Synthetic sole
  • Best as work shoes and nursing shoes
  • Stay-put Velcro hook and look closure
  • Removable memory foam sock liner
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole
  • Made of 100% Synthetic
  • Slip-resistant rubber sole
  • Water-resistant
  • Usable as athletic shoes and work shoes
  • Lightweight and ventilated
  • Lace-up closure
  • Removable cushioned sole.
  • Slip-resistant Synthetic sole
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible sole
  • Memory foam footbed for cushioning
  • Electrics hazard safe
  • Made of 100% Genuine Leather
  • Adjustable buckle lock
  • Neutral heel and foot support
  • Contoured cork footbed

1. The Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Graphic Clogs are the best non-slip kitchen shoes.

Best non-slip kitchen shoes

These are the best crocs kitchen shoes that offer your the optimal slip resistance to safeguard you from falls and injuries in the kitchen. When working in the kitchen, whether at home or restaurant, these Crocs provide support and movement. They offer you the maximum comfort when moving and standing all day.

These clogs have Thermoplastic Elastomers soles that make them more durable and lightweight. They have enclosed toe designs to protect your feet from spills. Their contoured footbeds make them one of the most comfortable works shoes for men and women.

Their outsoles have Crocs Lock slip-resistant treads that improve their stability and resistance when working and moving on slippery surfaces. The clogs are effortless to clean and maintain, requiring only a simple wipe with soap and water. The only drawback with the Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Graphic Clogs is that they are not well ventilated.


  • Non-slip working shoes
  • Enclosed body to protect your feet from spills
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Elastic heel strap for a comfortable fit


  • Not ventilated
  • Narrows down over time

Our Rating 4.7/5

2. The best autoclavable working shoes - Klogs Footwear Zest Chef Clog

Best autoclavable working shoes

The Klogs Footwear Zest Chef Clogs are the best pair of kitchen shoes for those chefs who work long hours. They are the best all-day restaurant work shoes. They are composed entirely of synthetic materials, so they're light, comfy, waterproof, and simple to clean. The synthetic is of high quality and does not crack when exposed to heat or sunlight.

The Clogs have a Molded construction that ensures comfort and adequate shock absorption. Their Contoured outsoles and Microfiber footbeds provide excellent arch support for all-day comfort and cushioning. The Microfiber footbeds also reduce foot fatigue and pains.

The footbeds are removable for easy wash and customization. The clogs have padded collars for a perfect fit and maximum comfort. They have slip-resistant outsoles to provide superior traction and grip in wet and oily working environments.

Their outsole non-slip capabilities have been rated and certified by the ASTM F489-96 standard using the James machine. The soles are highly durable and do not leave marks on the surfaces you walk on. However, it is good to know that the Polyurethane soles tend to wear out faster.


  • Easy to clean with mild soap and water, no need for chemicals
  • Comfortable and cushioned footbed
  • Non-slip with Polyurethane soles that offer optimal grip and traction
  • Do not leave marks on the flow


  • Sole tends to wear out much faster
  • May run small with time

Our Rating - 4.7/5

3. Sporty kitchen shoes - Skechers for Work Men's Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoes

Sporty kitchen shoes

These are the best restaurant work shoes for individuals who value style and comfort. If you are an athletic chef, these shoes will add that sporty style to your work uniform. These sneakers are made of durable synthetic materials that are stain-resistant.

They have Padded collars and are reinforced stitched seams to provide proper structure, foot support, and comfort. The sneakers have Elastic side gores at the opening to give them that slip-on and off feature and a perfect comfort fit.

The shoes have Memory foam insoles and Soft fabric shoe linings for optimal cushioning and comfort when running your long shifts at work. Their Synthetic soles are thick to guarantee the highest level of shock absorption. Because they are made of synthetic materials and mesh textiles, they're light, breathable, flexible, and quite pleasant to wear.

Their Synthetic soles are treaded to offer superior traction, grip, and slip-resistance of oily surfaces. However, consistency in their quality is not guaranteed. You should only buy them from trusted or authorized dealers and resellers.


  • Water-resistant
  • Slip-resistant with treaded soles
  • Electric hazard safe
  • Memory foam insole for cushioning and shock absorption
  • Elastic side gores at the opening for a perfect fit


  • Consistent Quality is not guaranteed
  • Cushioning wears out very fast mostly at the heel

Our Rating - 4.5/5

4. Best Birkenstock kitchen shoes - Birkenstock Boston - Oiled Leather Clogs

Best Birkenstock kitchen shoes

These are the most versatile and classy kitchen footwear that values your comfort and professional look. The Birkenstock tends to be stiff, but after giving them a little room to break in they hug your feet perfectly and comfortably.

Their upper bodies are made of leather to give them a luxurious stylish design. They have roomy toe boxes for optimal balance and comfort. They have adjustable buckle lock-up features for a custom fit.

The clogs have Anatomically Shaped Cork-Latex Footbeds that enhance padding on your feet and improves comfort. They have Ethylene Vinyl Acetate soles that are durable with slip-resistant capabilities. Their upper leather bodies are oiled to prevent them from drying and cracking.


  • Adequate comfort and stability
  • Adjustable buckle feature for a custom fit
  • Non-slip feature
  • Contoured to hug your feet perfectly


  • Stiff for some wearers
  • Possibility of cracking when dry

Our Rating - 4.5/5

5. Best kitchen shoes for women - Skechers Women's Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoes

Best kitchen shoes for women

These sneakers are the perfect work shoes for women who spend more time on their feet. They might be chefs, waitresses, or casual workers. These shoes provide that sporty vibe with adequate support and comfort for your feet.

The Ghenter Bronaugh Work shoes have a Mesh fabric upper that is stain and water-resistant. This mesh fabric makes the shoes breathable for all-day wear. The shoes have padded tongues and collars to improve comfortability. For comfort and longevity, their lacing sections are molded with elegant synthetic overlays.

They feature Air-cooled memory foam insoles for adequate arch support and comfort. They have treaded rubber soles to improve their traction and slip-resistance. They are perfect for slippery surfaces like kitchen floors.


  • Well ventilated upper
  • Water and stain-resistant
  • Maximum support and comfort from padded tongues and collars
  • Slip-resistant
  • Comfortable fit with room for foot movement


  • Consistent quality control is not a guarantee
  • Cases of inadequate arch support

Our Rating - 4.5/5

6. Best affordable kitchen shoes - Avia Avi-Union II Velcro Women's Non-Slip Shoes

Best affordable kitchen shoes

They are the cheapest work shoes available today. The shoes have non-slip features to protect those ladies who might lose their footing when working on slippery surfaces. These shoes are from the Avia line of shoes are made of a combination of mesh and synthetic materials.

Scotchguard is used on the uppers to keep them stain and water-resistant. These shoes have Velcro hook and look closure straps making them easy to put on and take off without the inconveniences with laces. They have cushioned collars for maximum comfort and custom fit.

The sneakers have removable memory foam sock liners that improve the comfort of your feet by reducing pressure points. They also have EVA midsoles for extra cushioning and support. The shoes have thick rubbers soles for slip resistance and have non-marking features.


  • Water and stain-resistant
  • Hook and look closure that makes them adjustable for a personalized fit
  • Very comfortable and hug your feet perfectly.
  • Adequate shock absorption
  • Non-slip work shoes


  • Inconsistent quality control
  • Users complain of them getting large after some time.

Our rating - 4.5/5

7. Best kitchen shoes for men - Shoes for Crews Men's Freestyle II Non-Slip Work Shoes

Best kitchen shoes for men

These Shoe for Crews sneakers are the best men's working shoes for restaurants. Suitable for those kitchen workers with long. These sneakers are made of durable synthetic and have a lace-up secure design. Their synthetic uppers have treatments to repel fluids that may spill on them. Their collars and tongues have padding for comfort and a personalized fit.

They include large toe boxes for easy movement and toe treatment, which is crucial when working lengthy kitchen shifts. They have textile linings that make them lightweight and well-ventilated. Their insoles are removable for customization with medical orthotics or any that fit your needs.

These sneakers have Shoes for Crews' own exclusive anti-slip technology that gives them sturdy grip and traction on slippery surfaces. The sneakers have an athletic look and can be worn to any occasion or formal workplace.


  • Water and stain-resistant
  • Secure fit with padded collars and tongues
  • Non-slip technology
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Some wears find their footbeds unsupportive
  • Difficulties when putting on

Our rating - 4.4/5

8. Best kitchen shoes for women - Skechers Women's Squad SR Food Service Shoes

Best kitchen shoes for women

This pair of Skechers sneakers will ensure your safety and comfort on those slippery kitchen floors. They have a well-knitted mesh body that is stretchy for a secure fit, lightweight, and highly breathable. They are made of high-quality synthetic materials to make them durable and reliable.

They include a lace-up front for a more custom fit. Memory foam footbeds provide extra cushioning and stress absorption. On slick surfaces, their rubber soles provide excellent traction and grip. It is good to know that the insoles are not removable for any customization.


  • Secure fit with a stretchy mesh body and lace-up design.
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Non-slip for maximum safety on slippery surfaces
  • Optimal cushioning and support for your feet


  • Fixed insoles that are not customizable
  • Cannot use medical orthotics

Our rating - 4.4/5

9. Best Birkenstock kitchens shoes for women - Birkenstock Women's London Shoes

Best Birkenstock kitchens shoes for women

They are one of those shoes that adapts to the shape and type of feet an individual has. Their design focus is maximum comfort and support. For style and fashion, these shoes are available in multiple colors and made from various custom materials.

The most luxurious and stylish of them all are those that are made of 100% leather. These are more durable with a sock-like fit. The shoes have cutouts at the top to enhance breathability. For a personalized fit, the shoes come with adjustable buckles with straps through their tongues.

Their metatarsal regions are high to ensure they repel liquid spills. They are contoured with cork footbeds to provide optimal support and comfort for all-day use. The shoes have a variation in sizes and might be larger for some users.


  • Luxurious premium leather that ensures comfort and durability
  • Cutouts at the top for ventilation
  • Adjustable buckle for a personalized fit
  • Contoured cork footbed for all-day comfort and support
  • Sole with grip and traction for enhanced slip resistance.


  • Variation in sizes

Our rating - 4.3/5

Guide to picking the best kitchen shoes.

Kitchen environments are prone to slipping and falling accidents due to their slippery surfaces.

Guide to picking the best kitchen shoes

Below are factors that guide you in picking the best restaurant shoes for men and women.

Popular kitchen shoes.

Here are some of the most popular restaurant shoes available in the market. However, you should be aware that you are not restricted to these kitchen shoes alone. Most shoes are wearable in the kitchen as well. These are the most recommended.


These shoes are currently made of plastic and molded clogs unlike in the olden days when they were made of wood. They often come with closed or backless tops and are the best chef shoes.

Kitchen clogs are made to adapt to any type of foot for optimal comfort, stability, and support. The kitchen clogs have non-slip soles for safety and stress-free navigation in the kitchen.


These are slipper-like shoes with no backless and can be worn to any occasion. They have similar features as clogs such as the shape of their toe boxes and body. The only key difference between them and clogs is that they might lack a strapping system. Mules are easy to wear with a slide-on and off feature and come in colorful designs. They are durable and non-slip.


These are popular amongst male chefs as they give that professional and stylish outlook. They have great comfort and support for the feet with padded footbeds and raised heels. However, they should not be your first option when shopping for the best kitchen shoes.

Sole material and treading.

The material the kitchen shoes are made of has a high effect on slip resistance. A vie by many is that rubber, EVA, Vinyl Plastics, Synthetic or soft materials have better slip resistance compared to hard materials. Rubber soles offer better slip resistance but are not long-lasting compared to PVC soles.

Another aspect that affects slip resistance is treading. Treading patterns affect traction and grip on contact with the ground. You should always go for chef shoes with random tread patterns for better resistance and forward movement.

Always stay away from tread designs that create enclosed spaces since water and other liquid pollutants tend to gather in them. The fluid will be compressed and unable to disperse if it does not have a flow pat. This could also cause hydroplaning, resulting in major slip and fall incidents on slick work surfaces.

As you walk, the contact surfaces primarily consist of the part of the shoe that makes touch with the kitchen surfaces. The greater the contact surfaces, the greater the slip resistance and oil resistance. Wide, unpatterned patches, on the other hand, prevent liquid flow.

Pick a sole with tiny cuts that split the tread print into multiple moveable portions for enhanced traction. This one-of-a-kind tread design directs more liquid and fluid to the outer regions of the sole, improving traction and oil resistance.


Aside from being non-slip, you'll want chef shoes that provide the right amount of foot support and comfort. The footbed is meant to give you the best support and comfort possible. Footbeds that are much more sturdy and shock-absorbing should be part of the kitchen shoes you purchase.

Comfort should be a consideration whether or not you have foot problems. Shoes with comfort and support in mind will burr you from any foot-related complications.


Chef shoes should have a personalized fit which means they should not be too tight or too loose. This is for safety purposes when it comes to slip resistance and the shoes getting off.

Select a shoe with a broad toe box. This will allow your toes to move freely, which will enhance your stability and comfort. When purchasing clogs, you should also ensure that the forefoot area is not all that snug or too large. The distance between your heel and the heel counter has to be as minimal as possible to ensure steadiness.

Always check your foot size once a year because it tends to alter over time, particularly as you get older. There is the chance that one of your feet is a little bigger than the other. As a result, be sure the shoe size is appropriate for your bigger foot.

The heel of your feet should fit snugly inside the shoe's wider portion. Anticipate shoes to expand to accommodate your foot, not the other way around. It won't fit later unless it fits at first. As a result, consider the fit of the footwear you intend to purchase rather than the stated size, as sizes vary by design and model. Always choose shoes that mold to your foot's contour.


Our pick for the be best chef shoes is the Crocs Unisex-Adult Bistro Graphic Clogs. The shoes are outstanding in safety in the kitchen with optimal slip resistances and a covered upper for spill repulsion. The clogs have a contoured footbed to enhance your stability, posture, and comfort when on your long shifts in the kitchen. The best part is that they are unisex hence are suitable for anyone.