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Best Affordable Running Shoes of 2022 - Running within your budget.

Quality running shoes get pricier and pricier with every new model placed on the market. However, getting the right pair of running shoes at an affordable price can save you financial constraints. With the saturated shoe market today, it is becoming harder and harder to know which pair of cheap running shoes are good enough to satisfy your needs.

Most runners tend to think of cheap running shoes as being of low quality and low performance. Several aspects need to be factored in when purchasing the best affordable running shoes to ensure you have the best running experience in terms of comfort and performance.

Our Top Selection

The Brooks Revel 2 Affordable Running Shoes is our top pick for the most inexpensive running shoes. For a low-cost running shoe, they have some distinctive features. Most high-end running shoe brands have a similar feel to these sneakers. Comfort, a versatile fit, a cushioned feel, and good foot support are all features of these shoes.


Most affordable running shoes on the market.

Top Selection
  • Support for medium and high arches
  • BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning
  • Lace-Up Closure
  • Versatile fit
  • Textured body
  • Rubber soles
  • Neutral arch support
  • Optimum comfort
  • Made of Synthetic and Mesh
  • Rubber soles
  • Sleek rearfoot fit
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber soles
  • Made of 100% textile
  • High-tech CloudFoam Memory feature.
  • Perfect fit on the foot
  • Soles are made of rubber and synthetic
  • Lace-up closure
  • Durable density foam midsoles
  • Lightweight
  • Knitted upper body
  • Lightweight and breathable upper body.
  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Durable insole
  • MD Sole with non-slip capabilities.
  • Wearable for the gym and casual occasions
  • Made of Synthetic (100%)
  • Rubber soles
  • Mesh upper body
  • GEL Cushioning on the forefoot and rearfoot
  • High-tech DuoMax and SpEVA foam Midsoles
  • Guidance Line outsole
  • Rubber Soles
  • Non-Slip
  • Air Cushioning
  • Mesh upper body
  • Rubber Soles
  • Made of Synthetic (100%)
  • High-Tech VersaFoam Cushioning
  • Rubber outsole

1. Best Cheap Running Shoes - The Brooks Revel 2 Affordable Running Shoes

The Brooks Revel 2 Affordable Running Shoes - affordable running shoes

The Brooks Revel 2 Affordable Running Shoes are the best in the market for those on budget. The shoes have a knitted upper body that makes them light and well-ventilated. This mesh design makes them flexible and comfortable when worn. They are fitted with BioMoGo DNA cushioning that can adapt to the wearer's foot size and body weight as they run. The technology also acts as a protective shield against shock. Their outsoles are padded to ensure your feet are comfortable and secure in the shoes.


  • Highly breathable with knitted upper bodies
  • BioMoGo DNA cushioning for more comfort and stability
  • Neutral Arch support


  • May have a long break-in period
  • May smaller with time

Our Rating - 4.6/5

2. Best Inexpensive Running Shoes - Nike Revolution 5 Men's Casual Running Shoes

Nike Revolution 5 Men's Casual Running Shoes - affordable casual running shoes

Low-cost running shoes with a focus on comfort and versatility. These shoes have the same look and feel as the popular and more expensive Nike brand of shoes. The shoes have a mesh upper body for boosting the aeration of your feet. The mesh body also reduces foot pains and irritations that may occur when on the run. These shoes have reflective materials that make you visible even when running or jogging at night.

The insoles are cushioned to protect you from shocks when running on uneven terrains, They have multiple lace-up options to ensure they fit on your feet perfectly. Their rubber soles make them flexible and durable.


  • Mesh upper body for aeration
  • Cushioned for stability and balance
  • Suitable for fitness and casual activities.


  • Their outsoles might wear out after a short time.

Our Rating - 4.5/5

3. The most stylish running shoes - New Balance Women's Fresh Foam Beacon V2 Running Shoes

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam Beacon V2 Running Shoes - cheap running shoes

These shoes are cushioned to enhance performance over long distances. The shoes have a breathable lining to ensure comfort and fit. They are equipped with an Ultra-plush Fresh Foam Ground Contact midsole that acts as shock absorbers and improves comfort on impact with the ground.

Rubber pods are also placed in the high-abrasive heel and toe-off areas to maximize comfort. They have a well-engineered and knitted upper body to enhance aeration on the feet.


  • Comfortable with a firm fit
  • Cushioning for long-distance running
  • Rubber soles for extra traction
  • Suitable for the road runners


  • The knitted upper body is not durable
  • Some users might find it a little unstable

Our Rating - 4.5/5

4. Adidas Men's CloudFoam Pure Running Shoes - Most comfortable knitted upper shoes

Adidas Men's CloudFoam Pure Running Shoes - inexpensive running shoes

Cloudfoam memory cushioning and a flexible upper mesh body features of the sneakers. They have a sleek athletic appearance and feel to them. Their upper body is elastic and fits comfortably on your feet. Their High-tech EVA Cloudfoam memory midsoles make the shoes comfortable and easy to use for everyday running.

Their Cloudfoam memory sock-liner enables them to adapt to your feet and improve your performance. Their textile lining absorbs moisture from your feet - keeping them dry and cool.


  • Usable as a casual footwear
  • Well-ventilated upper body
  • Cloudfoam memory cushioning for comfort
  • Hugs the foot perfectly


  • Reduced quality over time
  • Variation in the quality of their Cloudfoam memory

Our Rating - 4.5/5

5. Joomra Men's Supportive Running Shoes

Joomra Men's Supportive Running Shoes - budget friendly running shoes

These shoes have Level platform design features for more natural foot support and positioning. These shoes have a well-engineered knit upper body that makes them light and ventilated. They have a lower heel-to-toe drop to enhance performance.

They have a dense foam midsole that ensures that they are lightweight, highly responsive and most of all long-lasting. For superior traction, they are equipped with a rubber sole. The Rubber outsole also provides cushioning and shock absorption capabilities.


  • Dense midsoles for durability
  • Light and flexible
  • Low heel drop for natural foot support
  • knit upper body for ventilation


  • May shed color over time

Our Rating - 4.5/5

6. Lamincoa Women's Walking Shoes

Lamincoa Women's Walking Shoes - best cheap running shoes

These are the most inexpensive running shoes brand today. A good option for those individuals with a limited budget. The Lamincoa Women's Walking Shoes have a Mesh knit upper body that makes them light and well-ventilated. They come with durable foam midsoles that enhance flexibility and comfort. These midsoles protect your feet from shock on impact with the ground. They have moisture-wicking insoles that ensure your feet are fresh all day.

They have MD Soles with non-slip features to provide you with maximum friction and act as a buffer between your feet and the surface you are walking on. The shoes are easy to slip on and take off. They come in multiple colors that give room for use even in casual settings.


  • Easy to slip in and take off
  • Soles with non-slip capabilities
  • Good for any occasion
  • Lightweight and highly breathable
  • Durable foam insoles for maximum cushioning


  • Not that durable for running shoes
  • Minimal foot support

Our Rating - 4.4/5

7. ASICS Men's GT 1000 2 Running Shoes

ASICS Men's GT 1000 2 Running Shoes - under budget running shoes

These shoes have all the features that the high-end ASICS GT 1000 series have to offer. They are perfectly structured and engineered to ensure flexibility and comfort. They have Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning that absorbs shock on impact with the ground.

They have DuoMax midsole support systems to provide adequate foot support. This feature is good news for overpronation. Their midsoles are made of SpEVA foam to improve bounce back and increase performance. They have a Mesh upper body to ensure comfort and flexibility.


  • Good bounce back technology for better performance
  • Provides great cushioning and support for your feet
  • Midsoles and Outsoles engineered for maximum shock absorption
  • Rubber soles for longer lives


  • Durability is not guaranteed in everyday use
  • Inconsistent when it comes to quality

Our Rating - 4.4/5

8. AMAXM Men's Air Athletic Running Sneakers - Best Air Cushion and Non-Slip Shoes

AMAXM Men's Air Athletic Running Sneakers - pocket friendly running shoes

Air Cushioning is a great alternative to EVA foam and Synthetic Midsoles. The AMAXM Men's Air Athletic Running Sneakers offers the best air cushioning. Air Cushioning acts as shock absorbers on impact with hard surfaces. It also reduces the shoes' overall weight.

The shoes are made of rubber soles that provide traction and make them more durable as compared to other cheap running shoes. For breathability, the shoes are made of a knit mesh fabric on their upper bodies. They have rubber soles that are textured to increase on tractions and provide you with the best non-slip capabilities.

They have a firm but soft padded collar for adequate ankle support. They come in a wide range of colors to provide a stylish design for any occasion or activity you are participating in.


  • Non-slip running shoes
  • Air cushioning for comfort and shock absorption
  • Firm and Padded collar for ankle support
  • Mesh outer body for ventilation
  • Light on the feet
  • Useful for any occasion


  • May fit or end up being smaller than indicated on the sizes

Our Rating - 4.4/5

9. Saucony Men's VERSAFOAM Inferno Road Running Shoess - The most versatile running shoes

Saucony Men's VERSAFOAM Inferno Road Running Shoes - affordable running shoes

The Saucony Men's VERSAFOAM Inferno Road Running Shoes are everyday running shoes that provide you with comfort and improved performance. They have a mesh outer body that enhances breathability keeping your foot dry all day. The Mesh body also ensures that the shoes are light and comfortable for the feet. They have synthetic fittings to provide maximum neutral support.

For a secure fit, they come in a lace-up design. The shoes' tongues and collars are fitted with padding to provide comfort when running and enable easy wearing and removal. They have durable full rubber outsoles. Their midsoles are made using VersaFoam cushion technology for maximum comfort and shock absorption.


  • Mesh outer body for ventilation
  • Padded tongue and collar for optimal comfort
  • VersaFoam cushion technology for shock absorption


  • Heavier for some runners

Our Rating - 4.3/5

When looking for the most budget running shoes, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Shopping for the best affordable running shoes

The best running shoes should provide the ultimate comfort and performance index. A consideration when buying cheap running shoes. Below are the things you need to factor in.

Shoe Last

Shoe last is a key factor when purchasing the best affordable running shoes is the "Shoe Last". Shoe Last is the material every running shoe is built around. It is usually foot-shaped. Most of the shoes will have shoe lasts ranging from curved to semi-curved to straight.

Curved running shoes are always in the shape of a banana. They provide minimal support as compared to their straight counterparts. However, they allow for the movement and flexibility of the feet. They are ideal for fast runners.

Semi-curved running shoes have a normal foot-like shape. Usually, a hybrid of the curved and straight shoe lasts. They are the best running shoes for runners with neutral arches. They are also great for both natural pronation and overpronators.

Straight running shoes are straight in shape. They give you the most support and stability for your feet. Overpronators will benefit from them as well.


The best affordable running shoes can either have a stable, neutral, or motion control.

Stable Running shoes - offer pronation control and are suitable for average overpronators. They offer great mobility and shock absorption. These shoes have midsoles that are engineered for stability and comfort. The shoes are designed to lessen foot pronation as well as the degree of pressure on the feet. They have a semi-curved shoe last.

Motion controlling running shoes - These shoes are designed to minimize movement of your foot's joints. They are firmer to provide you with maximum stability and support along their edges. They have a straight shoe last.

Neutral running shoes - These shoes have a higher heel drop between 10 to 12 mm. They are perfect do under-pronators. They either have curved or semi-curved shoe lasts.

Cushioning and Better running experience

Running shoes are designed to offer maximum cushioning to protect you from shoes whenever you hit the ground. This is an experience that you should look for in the best affordable shoes too. Cushioning enhances your stability and balance giving you a more natural posture and movement. You will be able to run for long distances without feeling any pain or discomfort.

Best cheap athletic shoes always offer you the minimalist running experience. Such shoes have no fancy features and technologies.


You need to do your research other than going for the sale hypes. Yes, a discount is good but, many are times when cheap is expensive. However, it does not have to be this way.

The shoes you go for should be durable enough to last for some time. They should be engineered to allow for flexibility and ventilation of your feet. Their midsoles should be made of quality if not high-quality cushioning materials. The bootie should give adequate room for your toe to move.

The tongue and collar should have padding to ensure that the shoes hug your foot for a firm fit. The outer sole should be of quality with adequate traction and non-slip capabilities.

Our Overview

One of the cheap running shoes available on market today is The Brooks Revel 2 Affordable Running Shoe. It is not only cheap but also gives you the same style and running experience as most high-end running shoes. The shoe has the best cushioning and neutral support for everyday use. You should know that these shoes are made of quality materials that make them very durable and of high performance.