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What is the best time to go for a walk? Make your steps count!

Take a walk! Science and life itself have proved that walking is the simplest fitness activity available to each and every one of us. However, as simple as it is, coming up with the best waling routine that would unleash its potentials as a fitness endeavor is the hardest part. Mostly with how busy our days get.

If you were to conduct a survey today on the best time to go for a walk the results would indicate a tie between those who are pro morning walks to those who strongly advocate for evening walks. But one thing is for certain, they all are in it to burn down calories and rip the benefits of walking as a fitness activity.

So, what is the best time for walking?

We advocate for morning walks - Here are our reasons?

What is the best time to go for a walk? Make your steps count!

Even from google searches and offline bits of advice, you will hear most individuals voguing for morning exercising over evening exercising. Walking is one of these fitness activities that are preferentially better in the morning. Most of these pieces of advice, be it expert or informal always lack a solid backing but with us, we will give strong reasons behind our advocacy for morning walks.

1. Morning walks have the ability to boost your over roll energy throughout the day

Prevention advocates for a brisk walk straight after getting off the bed as a means to boost your energy throughout the day. It is even much better than a morning cup of tea or coffee. Actually, according to scientific research depending on coffee as your morning energizer can have a drastic effect on your mind and body.

This is because the human body always energizes itself and adding caffeine to your system it impedes the body from producing the necessary hormones. This will get you addicted to coffee meaning without it you will be weaker and sleepier throughout the day.

Morning walks will be a stimulate that tells your body to produce the necessary hormones that will keep you awake and much more alert and ready to face the day ahead of you. Some international studies have indicated that individuals who wake up early and go for a walk tend to be full of energy and vigor throughout the day.

2. Morning walks will help improve your sleeping patterns

According to a study by Appalachia State University getting to wake up very earlier to engage in your daily walking routine will greatly improve your sleeping patterns. Most people get lazy and reluctant to start a morning walking routine since it deprives them of their sweet morning sleep. But the moment they decide to put in work and remain discipline to their routine then they will start ripping its benefits.

During the day and at night people tend to get high blood pressure hence a morning walk is a good option to level up this pressure to an all-time low. This will help you relax and eventually sleep better. Being able to get to sleep much fast and have some deep and enjoyable periods of sleep.

3. Morning walks are therapeutic mostly when it comes to mental health.

Morning walks can be a good way to combat mental health. You will get that me-time where you get to savor through your thoughts and put them in order. A process that will prepare you for the challenges ahead of you during the day.

Actually, this is back by science itself. Walking will boost your neurotrophic factor - a measurement of an individual's mental acuity, throughout the day. You get to be more alert and active just by making walking the first activity you take part in during the day.

4. You will be more disciplined in sticking to a morning routine.

Being able to get off bed specifically in the morning is very hard. And the fact that you are able to wake up for a morning walk you will easily get the discipline you need to stick to your routine. And you will be better off as compared to those who plan to take part in fitness activity after work, because there as multiple factors that may throw you off your routine or schedule. Morning walks provide you with better grounds for time management mostly when you are someone with a busy work schedule.

5. A boost for your metabolism

Going for morning walks before taking breakfast will significantly boost your metabolism. Your digestive system will be more effective in consuming food and burning calories.

Studies have shown that working out very early in the morning will reduce your cravings for food during the day. Meaning you will have the strength to resist snacks and junk foods. You will be more disciplined when it comes to the kinds of food you eat and your metabolic system will be greatly improved not only during that day but also throughout your life as long as you stick to your routine.

Apart from these, there are other reasons for your to engage in morning walks as compared to any other form of exercise like going to the gym. With morning walks you get to be outdoors in a natural setting.

The morning air is refreshing, the temperature is cool and pleasant since the atmosphere is less polluted with sound, dust, and much more. You will be able to get more fulfilled and enjoy the whole activity since it is pleasant and peaceful.

Morning walks are not compulsory. They do not work for everyone.

Morning Walks - A boost for your metabolism

Morning walking routines cannot work for everyone a good example are the overnight worker, little children several other committed people for one reason or the other. However, such a barrier should not bar you from taking part in a fitness activity. You can schedule a new routine that fits your situation, one that allows you to walk at any time of the day.

A perfect example would be a routine where you get to walk back home from work or even after getting home from work. You can do this in liaison with a co-worker, friend, neighbor, or partner. This will enable you to share your life experiences during the day and help you move faster and longer and even get to know each other more.

It is not avrequirement to have a walking partner, you can go solo. You will get to process your endeavors during the day and plan your life or days ahead. By doing this you will be able to sleep faster since such thoughts that would clutter your brain when you retire to bed are already solved.

Another perfect example for a busy individual is walking during a work break or after meetings. Gathering steps toward a more active workday. Such walks will help you prevent afternoon slumps and any form of mental fuzziness that tends to crop in during office hours.

Most employers are always very supportive of such a strategy as they believe it is a good strategy to enable employees to brainstorm and solve problems at a deeper level when they walk.

You can also opt for a one to three hours after-dinner walk. After-dinner walks are also important in improving your digestion. It also helps your body relax and get you ready to get a power nap.

Walking should be a routine and not something you do just for the sake of it. Just like any form of fitness, you need that self-discipline to set ample time for walking every day. It does not matter the time you choose as long as you are comfortable with it and stick to it regularly and actively.

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