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How to choose the perfect walking shoes.

I remember back in the day when we had;

Converse’s Chuck Taylor All-Stars

An all-purpose athletic shore that was able to salsify your needs back when we were twelve years old - from walking to jogging to running. These were some of the most durable and affordable shoes that I had ever seen. They could handle anything from rough terrains to any form of stain. However, these are unprecedented times, today getting to decide on that perfect footwear that you could pick for a certain activity is tedious. This is due to the existence of numerous options to choose from.

The one question you will always have is, Are all the good for the job at hand? Is there any to have different footwear for every activity from running to hiking to simply walking? Is there a need for all these? Yes, there is a need for all these.

Walking shoes are not equal in effectiveness and durability. Remember the Cinderella story where the slipper was only meant for her fitting. The same scenario can be applicable to the type of shoe and the kind of physical activity you are taking part in.

Choosing the best walking shoes

How to choose the perfect walking shoes.

Shoes are made from different materials and product designs. So, let us take an example of the race walking shoes, such shoes are very light and flexible meaning they are very bad for fitness activities like hiking mostly hiking along rough terrains. So the time of shoes you buy would depend on the type of physical activity you are planning to take part in. Here are some of the activities to keep in mind.

Casual walking shoes

This is one of the activities that will accommodate any type of footwear even high heels or boots. These are normal walkers who have no plan of covering long distances so anything from light to heavy racing shoes or sneakers can be won.

In general, casual walkers always have a low impact force on the ground as compared to runners so there is no need for firmer cushioning within the shoes. For a fact, too much cushioning make lead to discomforts like shin pain.

You should always apply the rule of the toe when choosing the best walking shoes.

As long as the shoe doesn't cause any discomforts like blister then it is okay to choose as a casual walking shoe.

Race walking shoes

Over the decade, race walking has risen to be one of the most popular physical fitness activities. Race walking is simply walking on steroids - actually, it is casual walking at high speeds.

However, there is another form of race walking, the Olympic style race walking which is just race walking will a little more muscle involved. This gives you insight into why it is crucial to choose the best walking shoes.

Race walking footwear needs to be as flexible as possible strictly because there is a need for the feet to freely roll all around. Race walking shoes should keep your ankle as low as possible in order to limit the tension that could really force your foot to touch the ground after impact.

Your best bets are race-walking shoes, running-racing flat footwear, or trainer racers.

Marathon walking shoes

It is a great accomplishment and fulfillment to take part in a walking marathon or even a 3-day ultra-marathon. Your ability to effectively take part in such activities will be dependent on the kind of footwear you choose.

Most marathon walkers apply normal walking techniques when taking part in this activity, Meaning, wearing normal walking sneakers and footwear are more preferable as compared to running shoes. Such footwear is light and very flexible enabling you to effectively lift your feet and move forward much easier. However, it is good to know that most marathons today include race walking.

In case you are intending to take part in marathons that involve race-walking then you will require race-walking footwear or flatter footwear specifically designed for runners.

It is important to choose the right shoes for every activity that you are planning to be part of. The shoe you choose should be fitting and comfortable since you might end up moving and standing for a long period of time. Loss and light footwear might hurt you with blisters when you are taking part in a heavy activity that requires higher impacts on the ground.

Hiking shoes

Hiking shoes are primarily meant to prevent any form of comfort when moving on uneven terrains. When hiking on flat or even terrains then normal walking shoes or even sandals can be a perfect choice for you.

However, it is good to note that hiking in uneven terrains will need more durable and highly protective pieces of footwear that will protect your inner sole and ankle from any disasters like ankle sprains. High-cut hiking shoes are the most suitable kind of footwear to go within such a scenario.

Our thoughts

Those are some of the things you should have in mind when thinking of getting yourself walking shoes. When we were children Chuck Taylors were a perfect fit but as we get older and increase in mass we need shoes that can carry our weight and handle our energy. Therefore it is very important to choose the perfect shoes for your fitness activities.